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Architects may be obligated in certain cases, such as applying for a building permit (regardless of whether the construction of a house, transformation or extension of a building, a professional or commercial building). But the same is true if the floor area of the construction exceeds 150 m2 or the extension exceeds 150 m2, which has the effect of carrying the whole after work. In other cases, calling an architect or construction company to manage the site from A to Z with the architect's intervention available is definitely costly, but it can also save money. Among their missions is to make sure businesses compete for the best prices or to check the 10 years insurance of experts who will intervene. https://homienjoy.com/ Check here it.

Specifically for the job you ordered, Matthieu Burin warns. This is when the company restores electricity, the 10 year insurance should be specifically related to the electricity job. Otherwise, if you are concerned, there is no will. “Calling an architect also brings added value. “The architect was trained in space and volume. Christelle Serres-Chabrier provides a global vision for the project. In addition to graphically representing projects (sketches and plans), she offers invaluable advice with personalized projects based on the architectural style of the house, material combinations, and the layout of the room.

Think Carefully About Soil Research When remodeling a home and planning work such as extensions or elevations, it is important to know the properties and foundations of the soil so that the home can support construction. “35% of construction claims (cracks, etc.) are due to flaws in soil analysis. Christelle Serres-Chabrier specifies (according to a study conducted by MAF Architects). Geotechnicians can have unpleasant surprises. This study Is not carried out in connection with the structural design office. In case of poor soil condition or initially unplanned structural reinforcement, the cost may increase.

Pay Attention To The Materials Used The materials used for renovation make up 40% of the total price, which has a huge impact on the budget. Whether it's entry-level or premium, the cost can be doubled. Matthieu Burin said, “You have to agree with the customer to know the level of coverage you want. For example, if you want durable materials or noble materials like wood, steel and cement tiles, they are more expensive. And betting only on less qualitative materials is a wrong calculation.”

In addition, when the material is purchased by the craftsman, it is covered with a two-year warranty and insured. You'll also pay less because your products can benefit from 10% VAT. Finally, as Christelle Serres-Chabrier reminds us, you can also access a selection of ranges or vendors. “As experts, we have a shopping list of tile and kitchen suppliers that are updated regularly through our site or exhibition. We will guide you to the suppliers that suit your needs in order to provide the best value to our customers with each request. It's money.”